Easily check your Earth Loop Impedance compliance!

Here’s how it works, for Single or Three phase cable calculations, simply…
Input: The Load current, Length of cable run and Voltage drop i.e. 2.5%
Select: Cable material, Method of installation and Circuit protection i.e. fuse/cb

Push the “Calculate” button to instantly see all your results showing the most economical compliant cable size including…

a: Cable size and capacity
b: Voltage drop in volt and percent
c: Maximum length of run
d: Fuse or Circuit Breaker size
e: Working Temperature
f: Fault level
g: Minimum trip current needed to comply with Earth loop Impedance test
h: Actual let through current
i: Maximum impedance values (Ze) and the actual impedance values (in ohms)
j: Total impedance values(Zs) for the complete installation (in ohms)
k: Touch Potentials

Now you can easily find cable sizes for every cable run in your installation resulting in massive savings in time and money.

Then click the Earth Loop Impedance Results link, fill in the fields below and click the Calculate button to instantly view your compliance results: