All your trip curves plotted and displayed in just minutes!
Now it is easy to perform a full Co-ordination & discrimination study on Your completed design.
All electrical installations will over the years no matter how well designed, experience faults and when they do the Fuse or Circuit breaker nearest the fault has to not only see the fault first it must trip and isolate the faulty circuit while leaving all Your healthy circuits intact.
To ensure this happens we need to perform a Co-ordination & Discrimination study on the installation and if necessary adjust the Pickup and Instantaneous settings to achieve the right condition.
Now at the push of a button all your fuse and circuit breaker curves are plotted and displayed for your complete Installation and it’s easy to adjust Pickup and Instantaneous settings. Standard Curves to IEC, ANSI and a complete range of over 4,000 G.E. devices.

1. Plots all Your devices from the Hv to Lv
2. Plots Fuses and Circuit Breakers
3. Adjust Your Pickup & Instantaneous settings
4. Change colors, Name curves
5. Setup Your own curves
6. Save all your work
7. Printout detailed Tables and Curves
Now You can Quickly and Easily perform a Full Co-ordination & Discrimination study on Your complete installation in Just 5 minutes!