Discover for Yourself how easy it is to find the right size Air Conditioner in just 3-minutes

Why spend hours or even days trying to work out air conditioning sizes and risk spending more than you have to!
Now You can find the right size air conditioner for rooms or buildings in just 3 minutes if you follow these Easy steps
Here’s how it works, simply input:
Room or buildings simply input the measurements for Walls, floor, ceilings, Doors Windows etc And Select Your Building materials
Push the Calculate button to Instantly see Your Results including a full detailed report showing all heat gains, a 3D bar chart all ready to print


A 3-D Bar Chart is Instantly Displayed Illustrating all Your Heat Gains A Full Report is Produced on all Heat Gains ready to Print
– Massive savings in time, reduce days of work to just 3 minutes
– No more reliance on others
– No more outsourcing
– Full control and independence
– 100% accuracy
– Very easy to use, takes just 10 minutes to master the programme
– No more expensive mistakes
– Pays for itself hundreds of times over
– Gain Total peace of mind
– Print out full detailed results