A Quick and Easy Way to Find Your Water Heating Element Sizes Starting From Scratch!
Find All Your Heating Element Sizes in Just seconds!

rying to find the Right size of heating element for all your hot water tanks etc has not been easy Until Now!


Now you can quickly find any heating element size by simply:-

– Select Energy
– Select Water
– Input the Time to reach your desired temperature
– The Weight of the Water to be heated (note: 1 litre = 1 Kg approx)
– The cold water start temperature and the Desired hot water Temperature
That’s It!

Press the Calculate button to instantly see your results showing the amount of Kw required

In addition to Energy (Kw), You can also find the:
– Time
– Calculate Weight
– Calculate the Temperature
For these elements:
– Water
– Copper
– Brass
– Steel
– Aluminium
– Oil
– Air