Electrical Calculations & Designs

Fully compliant with: IEE 17th ed, BS 7671:2008 and IEC 60364.


Electrical Design Engineering has now been reduced to just 5-easy-steps! Using our Smart Software means single Line and “as built” drawings are instantly computer generated, cable sizes and voltage drops are chosen for you, Short Circuit calculations are completed in seconds… and it’s all been reduced to just a few easy steps!

It’s not unusual to spend hours sometimes longer going over the Wiring Regulations, calculating cable sizes, working out voltage drops or spending your days creating electrical drawings or expensive and time consuming outsourcing – until now!

You’ll be amazed to see our fast hi-tech software find you the Best, Most Practical and Economical Design Solution. In just seconds Precise amounts of Voltage drops are calculated and distributed to every Cable run then all your Cable sizes are calculated and chosen for you Fast. Now it’s easy to achieve the optimum design and gain a competitive edge.

Automated, Fast, Compliant

Fully compliant with: IEE, BS 7671:2008, IEC 60364


Used by:

Armed Forces, Government Departments, Power Companies, Electrical Engineers and Consultants in Mining, Oil, Petroleum, Mechanical, Construction, Aeronautical, Marine and Automotive Industries and more.

  • Fully compliant with the IEE 17th ed, BS 7671:2008 and IEC 60364. See your Electrical Engineering projects fully calculated, designed, drawn & estimated in minutes, giving you the most Economical Compliant Design. Our Hi-Tech software does the drawing for you, saving you masses of time and money!

  • The intelligent technology in our Electrical Calculation Software powerfully calculates & performs your Electrical Calculations & Designs, in full compliance with Electrical Standards & Code!

  • Precision Engineering Solutions. Circuit Designs, Single Phase & 3 Phase Schematics from 1 - 66,000 volts, up to 10,000 amps, variable frequency ratings, 0 - 400 hertz AC/DC. All Cable Size Calculations and Voltage Drops automatically calculated at a blistering speed, providing you with massive savings in Time and Money! View Solutions Electrical Programs Here >>>

Automate your Electrical Designs & Calculations!