This page should be read in its entirety prior to purchasing any products from our online store.



If within 14 days of purchase you are not satisfied with your purchase of our software, you can remove the download from your system and request a refund, however, the customer is not entitled to any refund once they have requested and received the permanent license key which permanently installs the full use of the software onto the customer’s computer.

If not license key has been provided, then a refund will be paid at the rate of the purchase price less a 20% merchant and handling fee. Once you have requested your permanent licence key, you are no longer entitled to a refund as we have no way of personally removing the licence from your computer system.

It is therefore, highly recommended that the customer ensures they are fully happy with the software prior to requesting their license key. The software will work on its inbuilt temporary license for 30 days.

If you have not yet received your download of the software, and you have not requested your licence key from us, then you may receive a refund of your payment, less a 20% merchant & handling fee to cover our fess along with the costs incurred by us to process your purchase and our own costs for licenses.

No refund of fees, payments, software purchases are applicable to a Reseller, Agent or Distributor of our software if they chose to cease representing us or if they have their Reseller, Agent or Distributor status terminated due to a breech of the agreement between us and them. It is the responsibility of the Reseller, Agent and Distributor to offer the same refund policy to every customer that purchases the software from them.

Once your order has been processed and payment has been made in full, we will give you immediate access to our software downloads, so you can have fast access to our programs. If you don’t receive your User Name and Password within 2 business days, then please send us an email. We will also ship your hardcopy of our software to you on CD, as soon as we have processed your order. The delivery normally takes 3-7 business days, but please allow for Customs delays which we are not in control over. It is the customers responsibility to contact Customs in order to pay any customs duties or taxes that are required.
If you purchase the software from one of our Agents, Resellers or Distributors, then you will need to contact them regarding the shipment time of your purchase.
Payment may be made via credit card on our online secure website order forms, or via telephone/fax, alternatively by cheque or international bank (wire) transfer. If payment is not being made at the time of purchase/order placement, then full payment is required within 14 days from the date of receipt of the software. Prior approval must first be granted for this option.
When paying by bank transfer, you must submit a scanned copy of your transfer receipt to our office, showing the exact amount transferred.
Technical Support is available, via our Online Support Desk by clicking on the Support button in our website menu. We ask you to fully describe your technical issue, providing us with a full example of the operation you were performing prior to the issue ad the name of the module you were using. We endeavour to answer all technical requests within 24 – 48 business hours (Monday – Friday, Australian Business Hours, excluding public holidays).
The software operates on it’s temporary inbuilt licence key for approx 14-30 days, during this time the receiver must submit their Hardware Fingerprint (which is generated by the software upon installation) to our company, with their request for their permanent licence key. This licence key is then generated and emailed to the receiver for permanent access to the software, within 72 hours of request. After 14-30 days of using the temporary inbuilt licence key the software will fail to initialize without the permanent key being entered into the software, so we advise you to place your request for your permanent licence key as soon as possible after installation of our software onto your computer system.
We offer a very reasonable priced plan to cover future upgrades. This Yearly Upgrade Package includes 12 months of any upgrades/updates to our software within a 12 month period, which would be made available to the customer via online download, plus we provide 1 additional license key within this package.
Every purchase of our software comes with 1 License Key. These keys are issued only from our Head Office, not from any of our representatives/agents/resellers/distributors. Additional keys can be purchased as detailed and priced on our online order forms. We allow 1 extra key for the original user who purchased the software, in the event of a hardware failure or the upgrade of a computer system. Once the additional license has been given it is then the responsibility of the customer to purchase further license keys as these are then considered as extra user licenses. Alternatively our Yearly Upgrade Package is a cost effective option.
We may monitor the traffic, IP address and statistics of those accessing our website at any time that we choose, but we do not sell or give out any of this information. We may list our Clients and any testimonials they have provided to us, on our website and other marketing material, unless you request us to NOT display your business/company/personal name. We respect your privacy.
We hold all credit card information and personal contact details of each customer in high confidentiality and never reveal these to any third parties.
We do not permit the copying or reproduction of any material from our website, our artwork, logos, our software or our clients websites, without written permission by us. We reserve all rights to our material, unless written permission is sought and granted by our company.
This web site is an information source only. We make every possible effort to provide accurate and up to date information and prices throughout our web site, but no responsibility is accepted for errors or omissions. Prices can and will change without prior notice. Aneko Enterprises Pty Ltd, their staff and employees, and Solutions Electrical Software are not responsible or liable for any DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, LOSS OF BUSINESS, LOSS OF ASSETS OR MONIES, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, COMPUTER ISSUES/DAMAGES etc), due to the action that you decide to take on the basis of the information, reports, designs and calculations produced by our software, or provided by our company, staff or technical support including any information contained in this website. No person should rely or act on any information contained in this website or produced by our software, without obtaining professional or additional advice. We make every effort to ensure that our software is up to date and accurate but we will not be held liable or responsible for any miscalculation, misreporting or inaccurate designs that may be produced by our software, whether caused by User error or Software error. You are responsible for checking and confirming every calculation, design and report to be true and accurate. We will provide you with technical support for a period of 12 months, via email, but any technical support provided after this time frame is totally at our discretion unless a Support Plan is purchased. We reserve the right to change or alter any information, prices or arrangement contained in this website, at any time, without any prior notice. We also reserve the right to accept and refuse business with any person, business or organisation, at any time, at our own discretion. Any error or omission that you are aware of can be reported to Aneko Enterprises Pty Ltd.Please note that all mention of costs and charges will be in the currency displayed clearly on that page of our website, unless otherwise stated.