Easily find all your cable sizes and voltage drops!
Now it takes just 5 seconds to calculate cable sizes, this means you can quickly produce precision results every time in full compliance!

Here’s how it works, for single or three phase cable calculations, simply…
Input: The Load current, Length of cable run and Voltage drop i.e 2.5%
Select: Cable material, Method of installation and Circuit protection i.e fuse/cb

Push the “Calculate” button to instantly see all your results
showing the most economical compliant cable size including…


a: Cable size and capacity
b: Voltage drop in volt and percent
c: Maximum length of run
d: Fuse or Circuit Breaker size
e: Working Temperature
f: Fault level
g: Minimum trip current needed to comply with Earth loop Impedance test
h: Actual let through current
i: Maximum impedance values (Ze) and the actual impedance values (in ohms)
j: Total impedance values(Zs) for the complete installation (in ohms)
k: Touch Potentials

Input your own cable size!
There are times when you may want to input your own cable size for instance:


a: A minimum cable size has been specified.
b: Checking compliance of an existing cable already installed.
c: Engineer in spare capacity for future upgrades
d: Check a complete installation for full compliance.
e: Find the remaining voltage drop at each of your boards

In just 5 seconds you can select your own cable size, current rating, voltage drop, working temperature, touch potentials and Earth loop Impedance compliance.

– Massive savings in time
– No more reliance on others
– No more outsourcing
– Full control and independence
– 100% accuracy means full compliance every time
– Very easy to use, takes just 5 minutes to master the software
– Calculate ac and dc cable sizes
– Conduit sizes
– Pays for itself hundreds of times over
– Print out full detailed results