Improving Your Power Factor will Reduce your Electricity costs Immediately!

Is a poor Power Factor causing you to demand more electric current than You really need? Are your costs going up? What Can You Do!

By improving Your Power Factor You will see an instant improvement in:-

– – A smoother less polluted electric current.
– – Your electric equipment such as motors will run smoother & quieter requiring less maintenance.
– – Lighting will be brighter and less prone to dimming
– – Overall improved efficiency in you electric power supply. Your receiving end voltage improved.
– – Mains cables and Sub Mains may be reduced in size, saving you money
– – If considering an Upgrade to your facility, improving your Power Factor may be all that You need.
– – Self financing with payback times typically ranging 2 to 3 years.
– – Virtually no maintenance with life times of 20 to 25 years of equipment.
– – Reduce the need to build more power stations.
– – A significant Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


Check Your Power Factor status today and Start Saving an Incredible Amount of Money!



To use the programme You simply input

Your Power Factor
1. before improvement (i.e. 0.7)
2. The current demand (i.e. 800 amps)
3. Your desired power factor (i.e. 0.95)

Push the Calculate button to instantly see your Power saving.

a. 211 amps less current drawn
b. Immediate drop in your Cable sizes!
c. Size of Power Factor equipment needed 268 KVARs

By entering your costs (shown on your electric bills)

1. Annual costs per KVA.
2. Penalty costs for doing nothing to improve your Power Factor.
3. Cost to install your power factor correction equipment.

A Graph is Instantly Displayed Illustrating all Your Savings and payback times.
Print out full report and 3-D graph of Your savings!