A Quick and Easy way to Find the Temperatures in Your Boards

Now You can Easily prevent overheating in Your Boards by knowing the temperatures long before you energize the board because overheating is a major cause of equipment failure, reducing the life of equipment and cables!

Prevention is the Best Cure!

By Knowing the temperatures inside your boards You can take preventative action to ensure Your equipment’s longevity and reliability.

Finding the Working temperatures is as Easy as:-
Input the dimensions of Your board (Width, Length, Height) and selecting the equipment being fitted.

Push the Calculate button and Your Results are Instantly displayed Revealing the temperature at the Mid-point and Top of Your boards

You can add Vents to Your boards by simply inputting the dimensions (length and width) in this way you can know and control the Final temperatures long before the Board is switched on.

1. Distribution Boards
2. Motor Control Centers
3. Switch Boards
4. Load Centers etc