Complete a Short Circuit analysis of your Installation in 1 minute

Why risk of paying more than you have to for your Fuse, Circuit Breakers, Load break Switches etc, because their pricing is based on their Short Circuit Rating, the bigger the rating the more expensive they are.

The importance of performing the Short circuit calculations can not be over stated, it is probably the most important job to be done. The task of performing these crucial, complex and time consuming calculations could take days or even weeks Until Now!

Discover exactly how to perform the Short Circuit calculations in 1 minute starting from scratch, feel good by quickly achieving all your results by using this powerful program.

Here’s how it works, simply input Your:-

– Transformer size (KVA)
– Transformer reactance %
– Transformer Secondary voltage
– Length of cable run
– Cable size & number of cores per phase

Push the Calculate button and all your results are instantly displayed at each of Your boards, showing:-

– Fault levels in MVA
– kA
– Power factor
– X/R ratio
Now when you need to purchase your protection devices, you can be sure the job is done right.

(During a fault condition an arc will be drawn across the contacts of your protection device as it tries to clear the fault and interrupt the current flow. If the fault level of the protection device is undersized the arc can be maintained, this would result in an overheating of the cables, the insulation around the cables will soften or even melt the conductors then become exposed and a danger to people causing electric shock or burns. The metal contact inside your protection device may become so hot that they begin to melt, a serious fire danger may then exist)