Now you can easily find the right size cable for all your Lighting Circuits

How often have you been struggling trying to work out a cable sizes, voltage drops etc, for lighting and other types of Series circuits, taking hours and still uncertain of your results!

With Circuit Design You will always have answers and when you switch on Your lighting know the cable size is right Every Time!

To Find all Your cable sizes for Lighting circuits whether it’s High Bays, Low Bays, Street Lighting, Fluorescent lighting or Any type of series circuits: –

Here’s how it works, simply input:-

– Current rating of Fitting
– Distance between each fitting
– Select the method of Installation
– Select cable material
– Input Your total voltage drop
Press the Design Circuit button and your Cable size has been Instantly calculated by working out the individual voltage drops between each of your Fittings to give you a Precision Design showing
1. Cable size and current rating
2. Individual voltage drops between each fitting
3. Total voltage drop
4. Conduit sizes and Capacities
5. Fuse/CB sizes
6. Fault level
7. Installed Cable temperature

A benefit of calculating Your cable sizes in this way is a drop of 2 Cable sizesĀ Saving You Money!

If you have to find cable sizes for lighting circuits then this is for YOU