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    INSTALLATION OPTIMISER - Electrical Designing
    The Ultimate Hi-Tech Design Program
    This revolutionary intelligent technology can design an electrical installation in just minutes!

    Unlike CAD software, you no longer need draw your own designs nor perform calculations, our software draws the design for you, instantly!

    This incredible software, makes all your engineering decisions for you. New installations, upgrades, modifications, regulation compliance testing!

    One weeks work can now be peformed in 1 hour, with 100% accuracy!
    Our software is so powerful it will calculate 100 cable sizes in full compliance in seconds.

    Here’s how it works, for each cable run in your installation simply:
    1: Input - the length of cable run and it’s load current
    2: Select - your cable material, method of installation and circuit protection i.e. fuse/cb

    Push the “Design” button and the intelligent software first analyses, then automatically:

    1: selects the most economical compliant cable size for every cable run in your installation, working out cable sizes, voltage drops, conduit sizes, fault levels, fuse/CB sizes and working temperatures.
    2: Performs the Short Circuit calculations.
    3: Performs an Earth Loop Impedance compliance test on the completed design.
    4: Calculates all Touch Potentials.
    5: Creates the cable schedules with all your results ready to print.
    6: Instantly creates all your “Single line” and “As built” drawings including Three Phase schematic diagrams in colour fully marked up with all the cable calculation, Short circuit, and earth loop impedance results.
    7: Produces a total parts list.
    8: Performs a Coordination & Discrimination study and Plots & displays fuse and CB trip curves.

    Engineering Spare Capacity in to Your Design!
    There are occasions when producing the Lowest cost design may not be your priority for example:

    1: You may have to engineer in “spare capacity” to allow for extra loads to be fitted for future expansion, now it’s just a mouse click away.
    2: You may have to fit a minimum specified cable size for your Mains, Sub-mains and final sub-circuits
    it’s easy to select your own cable size using our software.

    Compliance Checking Existing Installations
    For existing installations, you can:

    1: Check an existing installation for full compliance to the electrical standards and wiring code
    2: Add extra loads to an existing installation
    3: Change or modify an existing installation
    4: Find out remaining voltage drops at your boards.
    5: Re-design it completely.

    6: Save your design to CAD format to pass on to others. What ever the reason you can input an existing installation and push the “Design” button and in just seconds the program will check your existing installation for full compliance and make any adjustments to comply with the regulations.

    Using our software you’re not limited to a mere handful of boards and circuits, with a massive 1,000 boards and 10,000 circuits capacity you have unrivalled power and flexibility at your finger tips.

    Whether it's Shopping centres, Factories, Power Stations, Marine, Aeronautical, Office blocks, Schools, Hotels etc, full total control over your project from start to finish is assured.

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